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The Environmental Stewardship Schemes and recent changes to agricultural policy have seen a demand for a range of wildlife cover mixtures. These mixtures are wide and varying and in many cases being site specific, we are pleased to be able to offer a full portfolio of grass and seed mixtures to cover the more usual of these requirements as well as being able to custom design and supply mixtures to suit an individuals needs. It is our aim to make these mixtures available to you all by carrier delivery with a 48 hour service, but in some cases the more unusual can take a little longer. Since the 1930s, 97% of our wild flower meadows have disappeared. Displaying the need for wild life habitats not to mention the enjoyment of the wonderful colour and beauty of the wild flowers. Why not view our wild flower catalogue, which you can view with the link below.

Wild Flower Mixtures

The mixtures have no set structure due to the nature of wild flowers and there capabilities in different soils. Therefore we can cater a mixture to suit the needs of you and your environment. So have a look through our wild flower catalogue if you need some inspiration on what to sow.

  • Examples
  • Walnes English Meadow
  • Walnes English Annuals Meadow
  • Walnes Cornfield Annuals Meadow
  • Bumble Bees & Butterflies

Environmental Stewardship Schemes-ELS & HLS

We can create a mixture to meet Environmental Stewardship Schemes (ELS & HLS) and also provide sound advice on the particular mixture needed. These can range from-
  • Wild Bird Seed mixtures- WBS1, WBS2 & WBS3
  • Buffer Strips/ Margin Mixtures
  • Beetle Banks
  • Nectar Rich Mixtures
  • Bumble Bees & Butterflies

Just get in touch with our friendly knowledgeable staff who can help with any of your enquiries

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